Kookism Epilogue – Part 2

After the era of the Kookistik followers’ bloc – the prospect of a new “Jewish Underground” movement looms large in the or maybe I should say, underneath the territories – this one might be far more lethal and sophisticated than its predecessor.

Written By Prof. Gideon Aran

Kookism:Lately, we have seen all around Judea and Samaria some signs suggesting the formation of armed underground cells inspired by the doctrine of zealousness and fanaticism. We can assume that the authorities have these as well as other armed and covert Jewish cells under surveillance. These men wish to achieve both intimidation and retaliation.

Apart from the possibility of Jewish Terror, an indication of messianic impatience, we ought not to rule out an additional alternative scenario of collective suicide carried out by settlers that believe they are under extreme religious, political and security oriented distress. In other words, we are looking at a possible slightly more contemporary version of martyrdom.

I believe that among some limited circles of people, demonstrative aggression and defiance directed towards themselves and others is not an unreasonable scenario that can be discarded and ignored. The distance between fanatical violence and self-violence is not that far.

Looking at some analogies from the 20th century, we understand that when salvation and resurrection movements are pushed aside, cross borders and settle elsewhere finding shelter in which they can promote their agenda, only to be forced out again from the heaven they built on earth – they might seek salvation and resurrection in the afterlife. This ultimate escape-migration can provide the followers with both consolation and revenge.

Taken from Kookism: The roots of Gush Emunim, Jewish Settlers’ Subculture, Zionist Theology and Contemporary Messianism


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