What Is The Meaning Of “More” Or “Less” Religious?

What is the meaning of “more” or “less” religious, or “very” religious? Is religiosity indeed a variable which may assume various quantifiable values and be compared to values of other religiosities, with the possibility of competition between them?

Written By Prof. Gideon Aran

Is it possible that in addition to horizontal differentiation between types of religiosity according to various criteria (e.g. church – sect), there also exists vertical differentiation based on degree? And what happens when within one social group alternative scales of religiosity evolve? What is the purpose of or motive for distinguishing between superior and inferior levels of religiosity?

To what extent are these distinctions connected to questions regarding religious excellence, perfection, or virtuosity? And, of course, how does all this relate to the issues of religious extremism or moderation?

Finally, is there an interface or correlation between the aforementioned values of religiosity and particular religions? We should note that degrees of religiosity are not an essentialist derivative, but rather a social construction. These levels are not to be examined outside of their historical, political, or other relevant contexts.

Taken from “On Religiosity and Super-Religiosity: Measures of Radical Religion”, By Prof. Gideon Aran


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